14 August 2009

My birthday pressies

Yesterday was my birthday, I was too exhausted last nite to share my lovely presents, but here I am now ...

My gorgeous biggest girl, Tara-Lea and her hubby gave me a glorious Jasmine bush, which is what i asked for, but as a surprise they also bought me an authentic Pandora charm - the sweetest little cupcake with a gold ball on the top. Now that was a surprise!

The other big'ens - Jake and Sami gave me this adorable mini orchid - too cute - and this pretty pot. Lucky me! The littluns, Mason and Lulu gave me a frame, and my husband gave me a gym membership (now that's the gift that keeps giving - to us both!).

Now, back to textiles girls... I mentioned on the last post that I have purchased some lovely items from Cecile at Unique Stitching... (don't forget to check out Cecile's blog) here are the three silk hankies. I bought them with a purpose - they will be used in my A4 artwork for the Bid-4A-Cause textile art auction...

Now, here is the most exciting BIT, Erica and I fly to the UK tomorrow to visit the Birmingham Quilt Show, lots of patchwork shops, museums and castles, then to Paris, for more of the same!!! What fun.

To keep myself occupied on the plane I have bought a new book today, plus, like Erica, I will cut out some hexagons ready to do a bit of sewing (no scissors allowed!). I will make some rosettes for Gail Chalker's Biggest Hexagon Quilt. (This will be displayed at the inaugural Australian School of Applique in Qld May 2010, contact Gail for more details).

Stay tuned, we hope to keep our blogs updated ... technology willing ...

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