10 August 2009

The last five days ...

It seems like forever ago, but it was only 5 days, since I last blogged. Maybe it seems so long because so much has happened?

6 August - my daughter turned 22 and I traveled out to Penrith to attend Calm Birth classes with my eldest daughter and her husband - I am part of the Birth team (woo hoo)

7 August - after school caught up with some school mums and dads - impromptu - for dinner, and drinks...

8 August - very early start with slightly fuzzy head, packed for a night away and whisked the family to Canberra so I could visit the Quilt and Craft Fair at Canberra Exhibition Centre. On the way down I was delighted to travel through a corridor of blossoming Wattle Trees between Cambelltown and the Southern Highlands.

9 August - up early again, breakfast at hotel buffet breakfast. Eloise who was quite confused by the darkeness outside, insisted she would not be eating breakfast at night time! Oh hurry up sun, get over the horizon so we can get moving out of this room! It didn't take her long to get into the mood for breakfast, there is something about buffets that bring out the glutton in us all.

Then in the car on the road up to Moss Vale for a christening at St John's Church - isn't this regal? How blue is that sky!

Then we attended a little party for the special boy at his grandparents home ...

Back in the car to head home, and get prepared to welcome 13 family members to celebrate Sami's birthday (last week) and my birthday (this week). I had not had time to get anything organised prior, so it was a little crazy. But as always, it all turned out okay, thanks to my husband's help, he basically did all the cooking.
So, that's the end of my crazy few days. Tonight is the first time Ive even been able to sit at the computer since last Wednesday. I think I've earned a glass of wine, and a quiet sit down in front of the telly ... don't you? sleep tight.
PS: while I was at the Quilt and Craft Fair I purchased some treasures from Unique Stitching, more about that tomorrow, the telly is awaiting ...

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