03 August 2009

Magazine in quarantine :-(

Hello my fellow enthusiastic quilters ... today we are all sad, the news has come thru that the entire shipment of Down Under Quilts #135 (august) and Creative Expression #24 have been held up in quarantine. They are being sprayed, and sprayed again, due to a piece of bark being found lurking in the large container that housed not just our stock; some other importer was the culprit, grrrr.

Unfortuantely I cant contact everyone who eagerly awaits their copies at the post box and newsagencies and specialist stores, but maybe you can pass on the news?

Thousands of quilters around the world are going to start feeling anxious pretty soon, so I thought I should remind you to GO ONLINE to grab a look FOR FREE ...

You can catch up on the new Pincushion Challenge and get started creating

Look Inside >>
Issue 135, 2009

or, you can see a zebra's bottom, a black and white bag, a three-dimensional poppy, the winner of the Bernina Best of Show and Down Under Quilts Best Use of Colour ...

Look Inside >>
Issue 135, 2009

Click through and take a look ...


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