04 August 2009

I can smell the spring

This afternoon I took my two littl'uns to the new local park after school. As the sun dropped over the horizon, and a little chill crept into the air, it was time to head home. I could smell, ever so faintly, spring in the air! As we walked along the kids each picked a few colourful blooms, it truly does feel like spring. Nasturtiums, I love their depth of colour!

Have you ever tried to photograph your own decolletage? not easy my friend!

Not even close, angle down maybe

A little better, but maybe more front on ...

thats better, but this is as much as I can get with my arms at this length ...
This is what I wanted to share, the necklace my Aunty Krissy gave me as a birthday gift, isnt it swish!


  1. Love nasturtiums.. aren't those the ones where you can also eat the flowers? Wouldn't it be amazing to put one in your salas to cheer it up?

  2. oh yes, I used to put them in salads all the time. I was thinking about that this morning, I should plant some in my garden so I can do that again! :-)