20 October 2009

a floral designer?

On the weekend we held a baby shower for my daughter at our house. It was a lovely sunny day with no wind. We have a large backyard, so we set up the tables outside with white linen cloths, and a gorgeous handstitched embroidered table cloth my mother made for me almost 30 years ago!

I popped up to the shops in the morning and brought some bright lively flowers. I came home with a bunch of amazing poppies (my favourites) and some delicious rununculas. Then, down to the garden to cut some fish-bone ferns.

My almost-seven-year-old insisted on helping, so I left her to the task. And what a fabulous job she did, here are a few photos of the flowers. They are still gracing the house and giving us sunshine.


1 comment:

  1. Do you ever stop to smell the roses - poppies?

    Take a deep breath every now and again! But I guess you did camping. I just love my caravan.