04 October 2009

those gorgeous rose-coloured goddesses ...

We are well on the journey to reveal all of the A4 artworks for the Bid-4A-Cause charity fund-raiser.

I just want to say, once more, how grateful I am to these extremely talented ladies - the cream of the crop here in Australia as far as textile/art quilting goes!

My grandfather died of stomach cancer, my uncle of bowel cancer ... it appears to me breast cancer will loom in my life, but so far, I am grateful to say, it hasn't. As a woman, it is impossible to ignore the facts; I acknowledge the importance of raising awareness and funds.

Pop over to Bid-4A-Cause and see the amazing textile artworks, and prepare your budget to BID, BID, BID. What a great opportunity to raise funds for breast cancer research, AND bring home a piece of artwork by a top Australian artist!


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