16 October 2009

Quilts and Flowers Tour - come along!

The FULL ITINERARY for our delightful trip to UK, France and The Netherlands is READY.

The itinerary was created to take advantage of the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition that is showing for a limited time at the V&A Museum, London.

Lynn Hewitt and I are the tour leaders, and we look forward to meeting new quilting friends as we travel.

Click were to take a look at the great lineup of quilt shows, quilt shops and gardens, as well as castles, chateaux, textile and tapestry collections and so much more!!


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  1. er ... click were? where? here? there? were there something meant to be there? LOL
    sorry - saw the ?typo and couldn't resist it ... lol
    - main reason for actually submitting this silly comment though - the link didn't go anywhere anyway - came up "404" (in fact it said something about page not found AND the error page was also "404" ... rotflol)
    ... oh well - as much as I would love to go, I probably can't afford to fly off to the other side of the world anyway ...