15 October 2009

wind and cold weather and canvas!

Those who know me would raise their eyebrows if I were to say I was going camping. Indeed, so do I! However, my husband and kids think camping is the bee's knees, and it seems I'm out numbered.

Off we ventured last Wednesday for a four night jaunt. It's like moving house if you ask me - the amount of packing. Afore-mentioned husband and kids were having soooo much fun, we stayed for three additional nights - right through to yesterday.

The weather was not that kind to us, it was cold and windy the first few days, then the wind died down and the temperature improved somewhat - thankfully. Then a bunch of friends arrived and we had a great couple of nights.

As I walked around the campsite and the area I noticed how many indigenous trees there was. And some had gorgeous beautifully colourful Rozellas feeding from the blooms - sadly I didn't have my camera with me at those times :-(

I can't get the photos I did take, albeit not many, off the camera on this computer so will send some tomorrow from work.

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay dry, stay out of the wind, and preferably - out of canvas!

1 comment:

  1. Oh! Think a big, dry, warm, under a solid roof, hug!

    Can't wait to see the photos.

    I only do that in a caravan (with aircon), without the children.

    I think you might have enjoyd the last couple of days!

    hugz - missed you in my Blog list