19 October 2009

camping photos

I am always on the lookout for design inspirations (note that I am also looking for TIME to do something with them!) ... isn't this pattern in the rock intriguing? If any of you clever people (who also happen to have time), can turn this into a design for a wall-hanging - Id love to see it!!!!

We were camping at Patonga. Which is the most southern point of the NSW central coast. This is the creek, where the kids have such fun playing in the shallows. And should the sun ever come out, which it did not while we were, then it really is fabulous for all - kids and big people alike!

This is the (not-so) salubrious inside of our tent, hmmm, a resort this ain't! I've got to say, that I had very good sleeps on those hard stretcher beds, to my great surprise!

However, when there are such gorgeous visions such as this twilight descending over the mountain, well, it's hard to complain ...
You know, now that I am looking at the photos, and explaining them to you, I realise that I don't hate camping quite as much as I wish I did ... BUT shhhh, don't tell my husband, I am still angling for a resort break to detox from the canvas and dust!


  1. I won't tell - promise, but, geez - awesome photos! With an OK - can I use the rock photo? Awesome - would love to try to do something with it! If it works you can have the product!

    A small wall hanging?


    Sally in Hobart

  2. hmmm ... I think I need another 50 hours in each day - then I MIGHT have time to do something with that rock idea ...
    if I do something I do, if I don't I don't ... and it could be years before I actually do it ... but either way - I also want that rock! LOL
    (or if not that particular one, I would love to find one similar to that - it looks amazing, and has me intrigued as to what it actually IS ... kind of looks like petrified wood or something but could be anything ...)