06 October 2009

The pleasure and the pain

Today I received the latest Quilting Arts magazine... woo hoo...

Then I turned the package over and on no! this is my last issue - oh the pleasure and the pain. Quick, re-subscribe!

I also received a copy of the latest Patchwork Quilt Tsushin magazine from Japan. I cant understand a word of course, but who cares, the quilts and little projects are divine.

This issue has a special feature on Bluish & Greenish Taupe (i can read that on the front cover). I just love the Japanese taupe fabrics, and this lot are such a pretty hue!


  1. Who needs Quilting Arts when we'll have our own fabulous magazine from Down Under! But, just between you & me, I'm going to renew QA also.
    cheers, Sue

  2. I renewed as an online sub a while back. Not sure whether I like reading only online, I will reconsider next year. But the Aussie $ gives you good value at present.