26 October 2009

in two places at once?

For those who are wondering (Hi Fran) how I could be in Europe and in Melbourne... well, it goes like this...

I made the commitment to organise and lead the tour first, THEN in a very exciting and creative meeting with Expertise Events, we hit on a fabulous idea for an international display at 2010 AQC in Melbourne.

Fortunately, the Quilts & Flowers tour is lead by TWO leaders - myself and Lynn Hewitt. I will accompany the tour through to Giverny, France, then I will dash home to Australia and set up our stand at the AQC - and participate in the two workshops - I sure hope I can stay awake for them!

Lynn will take the group on to Amsterdam, and back home. Lynn is an accomplished tour leader, and normally leads our tours by herself - so I am sure that she, and the group, won't miss me for the last week.

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