04 October 2009

a review for a monday

It's a long weekend in Sydney, and I am spending my holiday Monday reviewing books. (s0rry one is upside down, perhaps it's an omen?)

I have been on a quest for information, for direction and motivation for some time. The urgency ebbs and flows, but rarely does better than trickle through the sidelines of my life.

This 'need' is quite a bit down the ladder of my life, but not in my ladder of my wants! To fit in a business, two + one big kids, and a son-in-law and a soon-to-be-born grandbaby and two little kids is quite a chunk of time, then - and this is the biggest time waster - a need for ten hours sleep a night is a dream crusher (excuse the pun - a daydream crusher!) Consequently, I can't find the time to explore my 'needs'.

When I was in Birmingham with my dearest quilting friend Erica, I came across a few amazing people (well a lot really) and their books - it is my professional task to review them for Down Under Quilts, and the NEW Down Under Textiles magazine. Take a look at the titles, what a joy I will have discovering - err umm - reviewing these beauties!


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