24 June 2009

Design Circle

I have spent 3 1/2 hours at Material Obsession this morning, with my muffins, and my nine 24in blocks... what fun! The quilt top is taking shape...

Do you know how hard it is to resist buying fabrics each time I'm there? I had given myself a talking to, and expressly for
bade myself from buying any fabric today ... and, just as I was packing up to leave - I spotted one I simply couldn't live without ...

this will make a nice skirt, and I think the leftovers will be the start of a new quilt...



  1. LUCKY YOU how I wish I could spend 3 1/2 hrs there
    and not buying fabric oh that would be so hard! beautiful fabric
    I LOVE your blocks...great fabric choices

  2. Definately taking shape and looking really good too Deborah. :) The fabric for a skirt looks great too.

  3. Anonymous02 July, 2009

    so pleased to FIND your blog...... have bookmarked, etc. I had susspected that the templates would make a very BIG block and now I know - THEY WILL. Fun fun fun