12 June 2009

My Favourites at the Fair

Today is our fourth day at the Craft & Quilt Fair, and still I have not been able to see all the stands, but of the ones I have seen, this bunch are my favourites!

Barbara Wilson Textiles - I bought a fabulous scarf - already made! from here.

Adorable hats made by the felt textile guru - Wendy Bailye

And, the fab girls from Material Obsession..

Above is the gorgeous Jane from Be-Be Bold - I purchased a kit to make a great skirt here - and Jane assures me it only takes 2 hours... hmmm.

Below - what an amazing view of a sea of quilts...

This stand is so gorgeous, Pitt Trading!
Take a look at their fabrics, laces, vintage jewellery, and lots of cute bits.

These are cute little lavender-filled pillows on Dolls and Doilies...

This is a scarf that I simply couldn't do without, from Patchwork on Central Park.

Tomorrow is the last day, I wonder how many other treasures I can find?

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  1. Hi Deborah, I just discovered your blog. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother, how exciting! Just read the last DuQ and love the new format. Looking forward to the August issue! ;-)