04 June 2009

We are getting a PINK one...

I mentioned I was to be a grandmother in my last post... today my heart is bursting with even more love!

We received the results of the chromosome tests that my 25 year old daughter had to have (due to abnormal readings at ultrasound). How agonising it was to wait for the result... but, now we know it's a PINK one, and she is absolutely healthy.

If i thought two weeks was an agonising wait, how do you think Ill cope til mid November to meet the wee one? I suppose I can keep myself busy with knitting and making cot quilts. I have two sets of fabrics ready for the quilts... in girly colours - I must've known!

back to duQ - I am researching PINCUSHIONS, for a special feature - they're gorgeous!



  1. Hi Deborah,
    What wonderful news you share....I can feel your delight vibrating from your blog to my screen! Waiting for November will be easier now, (maybe), and time will fly as your fingers fly over fabric and yarn to create welcoming garments.
    Enjoy blogging - it took me a while to come across to the idea, but once a blogger I became hooked.
    Have fun!

  2. congratulations! it's always nailbiting waiting for test results and more so when it's about a little one.

    looking forward to seeing the pincushion feature :)

  3. Deborah,

    Congratulations on being a prospective Grandmother and good wishes on your new blog.

  4. Congratulations on your soon-to-be-grandmotherhood! It's a fantastic experience. So glad all is well with the tests. And welcome to the world of blogs.