23 June 2009

Turning 9, Baking and Spotty Spikes

Today we were photographing quilts and products for DUQ issue 136 (september). We had a marvellous collection of challenge pieces, all smaller than 10in sqaure, from the Thread Studio - wait til you see these! How divine! Plus we shot loads of other great quilts - can't tell you more yet, you'll have to be patient.
When I got home I set up the sewing machine (sadly I dont have a dedicated sewing area) and got ready to sew borders onto my nine 24in Spotty Spikes blocks ... ready for Design Circle tomorrow. I didn't get them all done, thanks to the Baking requirements (see below). Here's a photo of the two that did get done, minus sewing the mitred corners.

It is at the monthly Design Circle class at Material Obsession where my Spotty Spikes flourish. They are not at all like I would usually make, and I think they look quite good! I am even considering entering the compelted quilt into the guild show next year - now that's a first for me!

In between sewing, I was making Summer Plum (aka prune) Muffins to take to Design Class tomorrow, when my currently-eight-year-old reminded me that he needed 27 cupcakes for school tomorrow, to celebrate his ninth birthday with his classmates. Not only had I not factored the time, I did not have enough ingredients. A quick flick through the muffin book, and I found a Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe. Here are his birthday muffins for school tomorrow... and the Summer Plum Muffins for my Design Class.

And, here is the birthday boy, Mason, who is so excited about tomorrow that he can't get to sleep.

Now, I am off to get this kid asleep...

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  1. Do wish Mason a Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)
    I wish I was in his class to have one of those muffins...I love muffins. The quilts look great too :)