25 June 2009

Quilt Journals?

At the Design Circle class yesterday, one of my fellow 'circlers', colour-guru Vicki was working in her journal. A plain-covered notebook (although we will work on that), Vicki uses it to sketch ideas, write thoughts and paste in colour pictures etc that catch her attention in relation to quilts she wants to make.

What a great idea, keeping all those quilty thoughts, musings and ideas in the one place. Step one, find an interesting Journal, step two, er, um...

What DO YOU put in your art/quilt journals? I am intrigued. Share your thoughts, and ask your friends to too... and you will go in the running to win this gorgeous book (above) True Colors. It is more than 280 full colour pages - and very inspiring. The winner will be drawn Friday 3 July... so hurry!


1 comment:

  1. Hi! I have found you via the sewn site and thank you for the marvellous subscripton to down under quilts. i am really enjoying it!

    ok, my art/quilt journal... not very effective at the moment, nor cost effective.. I print out pages or bits of pages I find and put them in clear plastic folders in a ringbinder (as well as photos I have taken.. not as far yet as to sketch!). I know this is far too expensive (printing ink.. paper!! especially ink...) but the only way I can keep up just slightly at the moment.. I have recently started blogging and a world has opened up.. You know when you came into the toystore as a kid and could choose one thing? you don't know where to turn! sooo many ideas and so much inspiration. so many fabulous blogs and people... I'll get that journal sorted properly one day...