20 June 2009

what a comfy day ...

After a few crazy weeks, I have just enjoyed my first full day at home - what bliss, how comfy!

After a slow start, didn't get out of bed until 9.30, and a leisurely clean up (not that cleaning up can be called leisure!), my husband and I decided to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on pay TV.

I cut out the pieces for two blocks of my Spotty Spikes quilt, and together, with a nice pot of tea (instead of the normal hastily-made tea bag tea) we sat down to a three-hour epic movie. I have wanted to see this movie since it was first released, and it's so much more than I expected - I loved it!

How gorgeous is that man, even when 'aged' to late 50?

Apart from watching a great movie, I almost finished my block (will get back to that tonite) and then, between downpours, went for a walk. On my walk I noticed that many streets have their own private water features.

Luckily I missed the rain, or the rain missed me, and here I am with a hot-milk-chai, and heading back to my comfy couch and my Spotty Spikes.


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