01 June 2009

Struggling on overload

Hi all,

despite my best efforts I have been unable to load up any photos (Erica - help!) ... lets see if I can paint a picture with words...

On Friday I went to Brisbane for the day, to visit the inaugural Textile Arts Festival. I met Mum there and we had sooo much fun. To say I am overstimulated is a total understatement. What a day! There was such an abundance of fibres, threads and yarns (and not a bit of paper or craft glue in sight!). I came away with my head buzzing, and it still is.

Lorraine (mummy) and I met with some of duQ's dear friends - Dale Rollerson, Celice Whatman, Dijanne Cevaal, Kate Oszko, Roz Ward, Sue Dennis, Sharyn Hall, OMG and so many more - pls forgive me if I missed your name. And we made some new friends - hello Stacey from Peppermint Stitches - what a clever girl she is - and what great taste in fabrics and fibres. I purchased a quilt kit from Stacey - the first one for almost nine years (and, if you must know - I have not finished the first one yet!) This one will be different, it is for my yet-to-arrive grandbaby.

Congrats to the team at Expertise Events who put on the festival - this is just what Australia needed, and they did a fabulous job of pulling together a wonderful mix of fibres, threads and yarns. My favourites on the day were pincushions, handmade felt, recycled art, Zac's felt capes and the Bernina challenge pieces. There was heaps more, tune in to duQ's September issue for a full review and a feast of photos (good thing I know how to get photos into the magazine!)

stay happy, stay stitching xx


  1. Well to the blogosphere Deborah. Did Erica warn you that blogging is addictive?!

  2. Hi Deborah!! Welcome to cyberspace! I added you to my blog reader, and I look forward to reading and eventually seeing what you are working on. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!

  3. Hi Deborah! How is the planned trip over here to the UK coming along?

  4. Welcome to blog space Deborah! Teri is right - very addictive. A great time waster and battery recharger!

  5. It's lovely to see you now have a blog, Deborah, so we can catch up with your doings between DUQ issues. Welcome! I've added you in my Google Reader.

  6. Picasa is your best friend for photos.
    You can even go "blog it" from Picasa and then edit in what else you may want to add later.
    I am sure that Erica has led you to the little picture Icon "wot helps you upload photos"
    Have fun and enjoy.