17 September 2009

And, here they are ...

I worked out why the battery wouldn't charge, well err um, why I thought the battery wouldn't charge - I had it in backwards... note to self.. slow down and check what you're doing!

Here are my FIVE finished quilt tops.
This is for Sadie-Lea, grandbaby ETA 15/11

On the left is the lap quilt for Mason.

The row by row is on the right. My blocks are the Bow Ties, at that time I was very in love with bow ties... And the fabric I chose was the florally blue and yellow one you see in my blocks ... This is a queen size

On the right is the small quilt I will make into a dolly quilt for Eloise, and on the left is the top that Tara-Lea made when she was young, that will be Sadie-Lea's dolly quilt.

I hope I helped inspire you to finish some UFOs or, just check on them again, they may now be 'finished' - its all a matter of timing!


1 comment:

  1. I could do with a queen size quilt mumma!
    Bubba is going to love the quilt I'm sure, it's beautiful. I've still got my yellow cot quilt, bubba will end using that too I'm sure!
    I thought I'd started a quilt! Didn't realise you kept the pieces! I'm sure the stitching is interesting on that! Does it have straight edges? Probably not! :)