11 September 2009

Little kids and big kids

Sally, I also have a 25 year old who will be giving birth to my first grandbaby in 9 weeks... and I feel old too!

Mason's blog is followedbythemoon.blogspot.com, he was tickled pink that he had a comment, thanks Prue - I remember you too!


  1. Ta for that Deb - I've just become a follower of his blog and asked him a question! I have karate babies in this house - 30 yo brown belt - 13 yo purple belt(she is scary) - 7 yo green belt with orange stripe. I did,t put that in hi message but I di tell him that my Grandbabies call me Wally Wombat!


  2. I can't spell!

    "I didn't put that in his message but I did tell him that my Grandbabies call me Wally Wombat!"