10 September 2009

My nine-year-old geek!

Today I helped my nine-year-old set up a blog - well actually, he did most of it! Oh my - how things have changed!

He named it Followed by the Moon - how cute is that? This is one of the sweet things he said when he was small, that the 'moon was following him'. I think that's a lovely omen.

Now he is asking for a web-cam - NO.

Gosh, where does it stop?

This is he ... smart little geek!



  1. And can we have his blog addy! Your smart little cute geek could end up with a bunch of Granny followers trying to work out their Grand babies!

    Deb you are starting make me feel old! I've never felt that way before. Your baby is the same age as my grandbabies!!

  2. Deborah - I could not help myself - I posted a note on his blog, the first. I guessed the address. I write under the name Squeaksqueal (I keep pet mice). Know you from quilting, craft shows and the Guild. Rgs, Prudence Bridger