06 September 2009

The last days of Summer in Monet's Garden

Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere as Autumn dawns on Monet's Garden in the Northern Hemisphere.
Last time I was in France, ten years ago, time did not allow us to visit Claude Monet's legendary garden in Giverny. This trip, I had no intention of missing out again! I am no gardener, but I am an art lover and have been enamoured of Impressionist painters since high school art classes.

What a picture-perfect image! It seems too perfect to be true, but, it was!

Erica and I were traveling with a group of quilt/textile-interested ladies. Three of them also wanted to visit so we researched how to get there from Paris city by public transport, and off we went. We had the privilege to see the gardens as the summer was coming to an end.
It was a little drizzly, and one of our first purchases was matching umbrellas.
Then I spied the boats, nestled under the trees. I remember these in Monet's paintings.

This group of planting was one of my favourites - red and yellow blooms! The Dahlias were about 12 ft high!

We arrived there around midday, wandered through the gardens, had a gorgeous 'tres-French' crepe lunch at a nearby restaurant, did a little bit of shopping, and then five hours later, back on the bus, then the train, to return to Paris. We arrived at 8pm, very tired, but extremely satisfied with our adventure.

This rose was overhanging from a local garden.

This too is a local garden, it seems that Monet is not the only one who can grow plants in Giverny!

That day was one of my trip's highlights. I hope you enjoy the photos, there are so many more, I almost wore out the shutter on the camera, I'm sure!

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  1. You are one lucky Lady! Beautiful photos!

    Ta for sharing!