14 September 2009

a quietly sad day

Today I had to say goodbye to two important people, in vastly different ways.

My sister, 14 years younger than I, and extremely precious to me, was off to Queensland, then back to China where she will be living for the next 2 years. She and her two gorgeous babies - 4 and 3 - spent a week with us. The 4 cousins had such a fabulous time, and Rani and I had a great time too. I will miss her madly.

Then, after lunch, I attended the memorial service to give thanks for Narelle Grieve. By many markers her quality as a person and a friend was evidenced. There were so many friends and family. And quilters, past and present Presidents (as she herself was once) and lots of others too. It was such a bitterly sweet joy to spend that time reminiscing about the lovely memories each of us holds in our heart about Narelle. And, being who she was, most of us were in gentle peels of laughter.

Today reminded me of how we must treasure our family and friends - all those who are special to us. We do not have them forever, and their value to our life is often what helps define, as well as sustain, us. They are, in short, precious. As Narelle's sister said today, you have to be a friend to have a friend.

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  1. I've opened this window several times and didn't know what to say - I still don't but I have a heavy heart! Mason lifted it up a bit!