16 September 2009

I finished FIVE quilt tops today!

Today I went off to Design Circle at Material Obsession for my monthly dose of stitching, and fun. I finished off the top for the grandbaby's first quilt. It's just a simple strippy flying geese quilt. When I get camera battery charged I will take a photo and share.

Then, tonite, when i got home, all motivated by my accomplishment, I went in search of fabrics to finish off grandbaby's second quilt. And, what a lovely surprise - in my UFO box there was four finished quilt tops!

I don't know why previously they had been considered unfinished, but tonite, I have announced them finished! Perhaps I had imagined a border, or two? That wont be happening - off to the quilter they go!

One is a small quilt that Tara-Lea made when she was about 10. I think now is a very good time to have it finished off and give it to grandbaby for her dollies!, Then there is a rather small one (made in a class with Jackie Robinson to explore a technique of tessellations), also good for dollies, Eloise can have that.

There is a lap-size quilt that I made in a workshop with Dijanne Cevaal about three years ago - nope it certainly does not need that previously planned border. And what's more, I even have a length of yellow fabric that will go just nicely as the backing.

My last find, and for the life of me I cannot see why this remained a UFO, is a row by row swap quilt top created about TEN years ago with a bunch of SCQuilters members. Now, after languishing in my UFO box, unjustly it seems, it will be off to the quilter with the others.

What a productive day - FIVE (including the baby quilt) tops FINISHED.

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  1. Woo hoo! They weren't UFOs after all - just ready for quilting. Bet you feel accomplished?