28 September 2009

A new magazine ...

After visiting the inaugural Textile Art Festival in Brisbane mid-year I was convinced! Convinced this is the most exciting time in textiles-related crafts and hobbies that I have seen for at least ten years.

The way the interest has burgeoned and spread laterally to incorporate so many expressions and techniques - from a simple (but funky) apron to a prize-winning textile art piece. The TAF was an amazing array of all these things, from the simple to the extraordinary, that were so motivating and inspirational.

I have been monitoring the 'textile' space for some time. With increasing interest and excitement I have witnessed the emergence of felting, knitting, embellishing, surface techniques by hand and machine, products for colouring and altering surfaces and much much more. The Textile Arts Festival put it all together so eloquently that it made sense for many.

This magazine is for beginners to learn new skills, and to polsih up already learnt skills, plus be introduced to brand new techniques and products.

Are you like me? Thrilled by what you see, and seduced enough to want to know more? This magazine will make sense of all the stimuli, and present it in easy-to-achieve step-by-step workshops.

Sometimes you will produce a 'sample' piece, simply to 'get' the technique or how to use the product, other times the end result will be a gorgeous and practical item - scarf, bag, etc.

The magazine launches in December 2009 and it's called
Down Under Textiles.

I am right in the midst of preparing the content; organising the projects and workshops and articles. So far, it's all GREAT - I can't wait to share it with you in December - stand by I'll even share some snippets along the way!

Additionally I have been sourcing BOOKS that I believe contain good advice, technique and motivation. Here are two that arrived in my office today (distributed by Capricorn Link). I couldn't wait to get home and flick through them - wow! Now, I cant wait to really trawl through them ... will share my thoughts (aka Review) with you in a few days...

I watched, with great interest, Kim Thittichai demonstrate techniques at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts recently. She is visiting Australia in April 2010 to present workshops in Victoria and Orange .. don't miss the opportunity to embrace her exciting approach.

It is time for a NEW MAGAZINE TO SHARE ALL THAT and more. Do you agree? tell me your thoughts, there is still time to 'influence' the content - I love feedback.


  1. Your new magazine - paper or web-based? Received 3 textile webzines this week - a lot to read. I will be interested and reading your new offering.

  2. How exciting Deb. I love the ones from the US and can't wait to see what is offered here in OZ. The textile art festival was a huge buzz!
    Suzy Atkins

  3. A new magazine, I cant wait December seemed so close a minute ago now the time will drag, cant wait.


  4. if those books are in any way of the calibre of Ruth and Kim's previous efforts they should both be a 'must have'[ or at the very least 'must talk the local library into acquisition ' ]