29 September 2009

Happy birthday dear mummy,

happy birthday to you!

She wont reveal her real age, nor does it matter! All that matters is that belonging to a family means you make the most of what that offers, connectivity, understanding, acceptance and love!

For my mother and I, our family is more than one, we also have the quilting family which we have shared in so many manifestations over the years. Our current manifestation, is that both she and I are newly-appointed committee members - she of Gold Coast Quilters; I of Quilters Guild of NSW.

And, as always, we are both quilters in its most basic, raw and rewarding form; we love stitching, designing and creating, AND the friendships we've found along the way.

We are blessed to have more than one 'family', and I owe my mother a huge thank you for 'forcing' me to make those patchwork blocks 26+ years ago! (now that's another story I'll share one day!)

happy birthday mummy!

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